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  • I know Wap.Click as both an affiliate program and a team of professionals, the guys will definitely be able to answer your questions and help with any launch, offer selection, or anything else that is within their competence. I strongly recommend cooperating.


    Co-owner of the TOP team "Mobile Pirates"
  • I have known the Wap.Click brothers for almost half my life. We met at meetings, conferences, industry events, and watched the birth of the affiliate program in real time! I am glad that after so many years, Wap.Click has not given up its position. Definitely the best affiliate program of its kind!


    ex.owner TOP Finance partners program KingFin
  • Oh, I can definitely recommend Wap.Click as a reliable affiliate network. It is pleasant to work with them, and the support is highly competent in all necessary matters. Definitely one of the best on the market!


    Owner ex.AlfaLeads, ex.Gambling.pro
  • We have been working in the same market for more than 15 years, and I can confidently recommend Wap.Click as a reliable partner. We went through many situations together, and the guys always showed themselves worthy. We started working with the founders of this affiliate program at the dawn of the market, and I am glad that Wap.Click is alive and developing to this day. Those who have been on the market for a long time understand how important it is to have people who know what they are doing at the helm. Wap.Click has such people there!


    Grats team owner

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